Gameboi “The Posterchild” Mixtape

July 23, 2010


  1. Intro (ft. DJ Delz)
  2. A Formal Introduction…
  3. Gracias
  4. Speed Of Light (Prod. by London Homicide)
  5. I Does (Prod. by L05)
  6. At Its Finest (ft. GP Of Tree City, L05 & Obie Iyoha)
  7. Ring Of Fire
  8. Slow Down Kid
  9. Drop
  10. Freaky Flow
  11. FOKUS Radio Freestyle (ft. Nug & Lady Bugg)
  12. Come Wit Me Now
  13. Listen (ft. Brixx Belvz)
  14. F*ck The Money (ft. Vaughn Himself)
  15. Breakfast Of Champions
  16. Open Scribe
  17. Hold Your Applause (Prod. by Dre Skeez)

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