What We Do
In case the URL wasn’t obvious enough, this site is dedicated to the documenting and supporting the burgeoning Michigan Hip Hop scene. Originally founded in 2001 as by M.O.S.Ologist (see Who We Are for more info), the site was changed to its current URL in 2003. MiHipHop uses news bits, show dates, interviews and multimedia to keep you connected to the complete, four-element Hip-Hop scene in the Mitten—from “mainstream” to “underground,” from “backpacker” to “street,” and everywhere in between.

Who We Are
Founder/Owner M.O.S. Ologist
has been a fixture behind the scenes in Michigan hip-hop for over seven years. While you may not recognize MOS’ face or name you have more than likely seen his work before. MOS supplies his Marketing Oriented Services to One Be Lo, Elzhi, Slum Village, MaGestiK LeGenD, G-Unit’s Nick Speed and countless others via web sites, t-shirts, flyers and more.

Managing Editor William E. Ketchum III has spent five years as a hip-hop journalist, penning articles for the likes of everyone from web sites like HipHopDX to nationally-circulated print magazines like XXL and URB. Born and raised in Saginaw and a soon-to-be graduate of MSU, he keeps Michigan close to his heart, and he’s shown it with his coverage of the state’s hip-hop scene in other publications.

Resident DJ Andrew ‘DJ C4′ Yim has been spinning eight years and has been mostly seen DJ’ing at parties in the metro Detroit area and mostly around UM Campus. DJ’ing events from club parties, bboy & hip hop shows, and traveling with artists to do live performances. DJ C4’s rookie debut into the mixtape scene mixed with Michigan’s dopest artists will make sure the mittens sound is heard!