Sweeney Kovar Interviews Hex Murda

December 25, 2008

Sweeney Kovar over at Classic Drug References just posted an interview with Hex Murda. Check the excerpt below or click here to read the full thing.

Hex Murda: what the fuck? What is that?
A fucking recorder so I can record this…

Hex Murda: Oh. Sweet.

… and I can write this shit out *spills Heineken* and I can spill shit all over the place.

Hex Murda: Did you spill real liquor or just beer?

Just beer.

Hex Murda: Oh okay. I almost kilt your face. When you write that shit put asterisk, Hex almost kilt my face, asterisk. I don’t like that ho ass shit. A nigga gonna call me or send me a link to my Blackberry, I already know, it’s some ho shit. I look on there and its some nigga on the there talking, ‘I don’t know why everybody think Black Milk is so cool…’ How the fuck nigga, you wake up thinking about another man, you were dreaming about him, and then be like, nigga he’s not cool. So niggas get on there like, ‘yo, Black Milk is cool,’ or, ‘I don’t like Black, blah blah blah this and that,’ then some nigga come in like, ‘he’s not cool!’ It’s like, bitch, I like chocolate ice cream and you don’t like chocolate ice cream, don’t make me not like chocolate ice cream. Bitch, stick to vanilla. Why the fuck would you get up like, I hate chocolate ice cream, you faggot ass nigga. That’s why I be mad at these niggas.

Dude chilling backstage: That’s why I leave them alone yo. They don’t exist in real life, they don’t exist.

Hex: You know what though, let’s keep it real. I done caught niggas on the Internet, no bullshit, I’m famous for that. I’ve caught niggas on the Internet, I’ve caught three niggas. Got their IPS addresses, holla’d at my people, nigga got the reverse directory, found these niggas like, ‘whassup nigga, talking shit on the net?’ One nigga, this one bitch ass nigga was on the computer when I walked into his office, he did graphic design. So I walk into this nigga office, me and my cousin, he got his pops and his bitch in there. I walk in like, ‘hey man, you do flyers?’ he’s like ‘hey, whatsup!’ like he ain’t had motherfuckin client in like 6 months, he surprised as hell. He’s on the computer, on the site when I walk in. I tell him, you do flyers? Yeah I do flyers. You do cards? Yeah I can do whatever. You can do a card like this?  I had a Dreadnaughtz card with me that was horizontal and shit, instead of vertical. Or was it vertical instead of horizontal? Yeah it’s vertical… nigga I’m black and I’m drunk, shut up. So I give him the card, he’s looking at it and the shit says, ‘DREADNAUGHTZ – HEX.’ He was talking shit to me on the Internet for like, two weeks before that till I figured out, because I had just came home from the joint…



Click here to read the full interview.


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