KuroiOto “M.A.X.Wellness” (Instrumental EP)

May 25, 2011

KuroiOto “M.A.X.Wellness” (Instrumental EP)

Download HERE // Alt. Link


  1. welcome to H.E.R.
  2. back & forth.
  3. attemptation
  4. say what’s on your mind
  5. come fly with me (butterfly interlude)
  6. the second time around
  7. regression to the breaks
  8. k’s lament
  9. W3 (mayB.E.)

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  1. DON’T SLEEP: KuroiOto “M.A.X.WELLNESS” EP [INSTRUMENTAL PROJECT] « FWMJ's Producers I Know says:

    […] William Ketchums, a fellow Hip Hop writer whom I known going back to the old days (back then I was PoisonousDart *shudders*) just put me onto this BLATPack members release. In it, he takes 8 Maxwell songs and flips them into slaps. Since I didn’t find this on my own and it’s not a Bandcamp link I’ll just send the traffic to where you can download it for yourselves. Go here NOW. […]

    May 26th, 2011 at 3:38 pm

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