MosEL “Just Thinking Out Loud” Mixtape

April 23, 2010


  1. Life’s Anthem (produced by MosEL)
  2. KING S#!T (produced by MosEL)
  3. RicoSuave featuring J Bizz (produced by MosEL)
  4. Vent (produced by Just Blaze and Flying Lotus)
  5. Fairy Tale (produced by MosEL)
  6. Hugh Masekela Joint (produced by Hugh Masekela)
  7. PSA (produced by MosEL)
  8. The No (produced by MosEL)
  9. All I Know (produced by MosEL)
  10. Always Love You (produced by Hawthorne Headhunters)
  11. Soul Music For The Summer (produced by Madlib)
  12. Give It Up (produced by MosEL)
  13. Kemet (produced by MosEL)
  14. Reality’s Dream (produced by MosEL)
  15. Cheese n Macaroni featuring Quelle (produced by MosEL)
  16. Watch Out For The Riders (produced by MosEL)
  17. Relaxed Love (produced by MosEL)
  18. Katherine Tennille (produced by Madlib)
  19. The Understanding (produced by Madlib)
  20. Time Is Of The Essence (produced by MosEL) *Bonus Track*

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