Fat Ray on Kilpatrick, Politics

May 19, 2008

During his interview with MichiganHipHop, Fat Ray talked extensively about Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and the sex scandal that’s saturated the news. Follow the jump to see what he said. What you read may surprise you…

Being a Detroit artist, what do you feel about the current state of the city in general with the Kwame situation and the economy situation?
I think it’s all disgusting, man. You got a bunch of filthy rags, right? And everybody lookin’ at how dirty each other is, but everybody in the bucket is filthy rags. It’s disgusting, because you ain’t gon never run into no perfect people in this world. Ain’t nobody perfect. We’ll be waitin’ until the end of time for a perfect person. I don’t care who it is, whether it’s the President or Kwame Kilpatrick, they gon’ make mistakes. It’s up to the people to decide what mistakes you’re allowed to make? Huh? Come on, man. It’s all political. Everybody wanna have something to talk about, everybody wanna douche him, and everybody wanna throw lighter fluid on the fire. But, at the same time, when does anything in your personal time have anything to do with whats goin on 9 to 5, or business time? How did some text messages (or) … this man having an intimate relationship with anybody have anything to do with him being your mayor? That’s just like sayin’, it’s no privacy no more. It’s like everybody putting emphasis on negativity, when everybody’s negative – even the person pointing the finger. It’s like the old saying, you can’t talk about a splinter in someone else’s eye when you got a plank in your own.  You gotta remove the plank out your own eye, before you can talk about a splinter in someone else’s. All these people who set to crucify Kwame got flaws too. They probably doin’ some stuff at they crib more filthier than he did. Just because he’s the mayor, that gives you the right to criticize his business position over something that’s personal, and that’s crazy when we come to a time and place when it’s like that.

Everybody’s on the highway; aint nobody gon’ be successful if that’s the case, because nobody’s perfect. Everybody makes mistakes. If I’ma take something you do this small, and turn it into something big then anybody can get it, you feel me? If people start examining themselves more, and loving themselves more, then we wouldn’t even be in this situation. It wouldn’t be a Kwame situation. We wouldn’t deal with half the things [that] we deal with because politics ain’t even politics no more. Politics is getting’ personal. How you gon’ have personal politics? Politics is about business, and business ain’t got nothin’ to do with nothin’ personal. Anytime you start bringin’ personal business into the business forefront, that lets you know we on the highway to some BS.

So what would you have done differently if you were Kwame?
Nothing, and that’s the whole point! Nothing. If I made a mistake and had sex with whoever, or if I ended up in the bed with Kim Kardashian tonight or something, would it affect business tomorrow? What I’m doin’ in my personal time, does it matter ’cause wouldn’t none of us be walking around if it wasn’t for sex. If we gon’ start judging people because of they buy poppers online, about what they do sexually and in their personal time, then shit, everybody should be judge if that’s the case. You shouldn’t be able to be a judge, [or] you shouldn’t be able to be a lawyer if you out doin’ freak things. What man is gonna stand there and say, “Oh no Kwame, don’t hit that. You’re not gonna hit that, you might lose your job [laughs].” Come on, man, we talkin’ about getting’ physical here. We not talkin’ about the economy, we talkin’ ’bout the man’s personal life. How can we make this man’s personal life the issue, as if we’re talking about the price of gas or something? It’s crazy!

…  It never fails. [And] cats who all about business, always try to use entertainment to bring you down. Entertainment is a double-edge sword. Some shit that’s entertaining [that] cats are trying to hear can be your downfall, even if it’s not relevant. It can kill you, and it has nothing that has anything to do with business at all. It’s entertainment for the world to know that a young black man had an extra-marital affair. That’s some ol’ National Enquirer type shit, that ain’t no front page of the (Detroit) Free Press type shit.



  1. KP says:

    Ya’ll Detroiters love that man!! Lol, I just don’t get it

    May 19th, 2008 at 7:45 pm

  2. Kevin says:

    Kwame’s issue is not that he had sex w/ Beatey…. its that he lied under oath. Dude shoulda just told the truth and just delt with whatever….at least he wouldnt be dealing with all those felonies.

    It’s not like his wife didnt know already… he was just trying to save face with the public. Wasnt worth it… now his a$$ is in the breeze. “F”ed up state of affairs for Kwame, the City of Detroit, and most importantly his kids.

    May 20th, 2008 at 9:07 pm

  3. Joe says:

    like Kevin said, the issue is not the sex…it’s lying under oath, the money wasted on the trial, and the officers who were fired over this.

    Kwame’s private life may be none of our business, but what he does with our money is.

    sorry, but Fat Ray has no idea

    May 28th, 2008 at 1:13 pm

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