Mr. Chief “Assuming Power” (Album)

March 8, 2011

Mr. Chief “Assuming Power” (Album)

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  1. Assuming Power (Prod. Chanes)
  2. Just Let’m (Cuts by DJ Fuse) (Prod. Chanes)
  3. So Selfish (Prod. Ben Price)
  4. Heavy Rotation (Feat. A.G. Lyonz) (Prod. Nima Fadavi)
  5. Hell Yeah (Prod. C.H.)
  6. No Panties (Prod. Apollo Brown)
  7. Cookie Jar (Feat. Josh Everette) (Prod. I.D. Labs)
  8. Life I Want? (Prod. Budo)
  9. Can’t Stand It (Feat. Guilty Simpson & Wrekonize of iMAYDAY!) (Cuts by DJ Klassik) (Prod. Miani Beat Wave)
  10. NVR AGN (Prod. Chanes)
  11. Bring It Back To Life (Feat. Sticky Brett of Past Due) (Prod. C.H.)
  12. With You (Prod. Miami Beat Wave) (Additional Vocals by Rusty Blanchard)

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  1. Kevin getmoneyerrydayofmalyfe says:

    This fucking guy

    March 10th, 2011 at 12:35 pm

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