Willie The Kid “The Fly” (Mixtape) (Hosted By DJ Drama & Head Debiase)

September 9, 2009


Willie The Kid “The Fly” (Mixtape) (Hosted By DJ Drama & Head Debiase)

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  1. ‘No Fly’ Zone
  2. Aviation.
  3. Flying Over Ya Hood
  4. Somebody Might Die (ft. La The Darkman)
  5. Flight School
  6. Georgie Peorgie
  7. You’re The One (ft. Jovan Dais)
  8. Take Flight! (ft. Alicksino)
  9. Global Warming
  10. Life of A Drug Dealer Freestyle (ft. La The Darkman)
  11. Such Carelessness…
  12. It’s Your World
  13. Salma Hayek Flow
  14. Comfy Cozy
  15. The Winter Coat


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