Quest M.C.O.D.Y.’s Advice To Artists

August 4, 2008

You have cats from all over Michigan. You got dudes in Detroit, you know about the history with Breed in Flint. You got cats in Grand Rapids and Saginaw and everywhere else. What advice do you have for these cats who are trying to get into hip-hop? What do you suggest that they do?

A few things. First, they need to respect the people who came before them! Respect Esham. Respect Breed. Respect Em & Proof, Respect Dilla! Understand That! And respect the Black Milks, the Guilty Simpsons, the Quest M.C.O.D.Y.s, the MarvWons, respect them too. A lot of times people get things twisted and they take for granted the people that they have here. I did a show last night, and instead of giving me my just due and letting me come out and do my thing, I let me come out and rock, there’s people like “Well, he ain’t fuckin’ wit my homeboy!” And the thing is, it’s not about that. I earned everything I have and I’m gonna earn more. A lot of people feel like they gotta take something away from someone to build themselves up. Continue reading →

eLZhi “The Preface” Pre-Orders & Snippets

August 1, 2008

Pre-Orders for eLZhi’s upcoming album The Preface have been posted over at They have also posted snippets of every track on the album. Pre-Orders on Fat Beats will be shipped to arrive on or before the street date (assuming you don’t wait until the last minute of course).

eLZhi “The Preface” hits stores on August 12, 2008.
eLZhi “The Preface” Listening Party @ Burn Rubber in Royal Oak on August 9, 2008 from 5-7pm. There will be free food & giveaways.

Detroit Red Bull Big Tune Winner: 14KT

Of the 12 contestants in the Detroit Red Bull Big Tune Beat Battle, several of them were some of Michigan’s best producers: 14KT, Nick Speed, Big Tone, Ta’raach, Forekast, DJ DDT. But 14KT took the crown: a wild card win would enable him to win a final round rematch with Toronto producer Frank Dukes, who he lost to in the second round.

“Yo, I won that mug strictly for my people. Ypsi, Ann Arbor, Detroit, that was for us!” 14KT said after the competition. “God is Good. Let’s get it in New York.”

14KT will be flown out to New York in December, where he’ll compete in the finals against the winners of the seven other cities’ competitions.

Check out some of 14KT’s production on Buff1’s upcoming album “There’s Only One,” which drops August 12, 2008.